101 Ways to Earn a Higher GPA


Written by Ken Carter in collaboaration with Carla Hilton

101 Ways To Earn A Higher G.P.A. was designed to assist parents, students and teachers in their roles as educational partners. 101 Ways provides simple ways for parents to participate in their child’s academic success. It gives students an easy to follow method for taking control of their academic futures. 101 Ways is an easy to present program that teachers can adapt for all learning styles. 101 Ways is a win-win-win for parents, students and teachers!

$ 24.95

101 Ways – Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • The First 14 Key Steps
  • Let’s Go To The Basics
  • Classroom Winning Strategies
  • The School Day Has Ended
  • The Final Win/Writing Projects and Test Taking Strategies
  • In Conclusion
  • At The End Of 101 Ways
  • Desk Planner
  • Government Officials
  • 2000 Holidays
  • Telephone Numbers
  • First Aid
  • How To Be A Critical Reader
  • 6 Simple Ways to Sharpen Your Reading Skills
  • Reference
  • Research Paper Checklist
  • How Much Is Your Time Worth


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