Coach Ken Carter and the Rumble Win the First Slamball World Championship

Sunday, September 8, 2002

On Saturday, September 7, 2002, on The New TNN cable network The USU Slamball Championships were played and the new found fans of Slamball were not disappointed. This was the inaugural championship game and was certain to go down in the record books as being one of the most exciting.

Coach Ken Carter and the Rumble entered the championship games with the best Rumble Gamerecord in the league against Coach Mark Ellis and the Diablos. Calling the action was The New TNN’s expert team of announcers. Reggie Theus, a two-time NBA All Star, provided color commentary and Pat Parnell, host of MTV’s Sports and Music Festival and host of NBC’s Gravity Games, provided play-by-play.

The fans were not disappointed. With the Rumble starting line-up of Jelani Janisse, James Willis, Whitney White, and Dion Mays the Rumble came out swinging. Then Charles Mason, Andrew Lankes, David Redmond, and Wendell Robinson did their part to help assure the outcome. Even with Mason Gordon Slamball Founder and CEO as one of the starters of the Diablos it wasn’t enough. It was meant for the Rumble. The team’s slogan is, “Rumble young man, Rumble.” They did exact that.

The game came down to the last seconds and when the smoke cleared Coach KenCoach and Rumble Team Carter and the Rumble reigned victorious. Coach Carter has been consistent in his leadership; his techniques have not changed from coaching his high school to professional ball.

When the game was over Coach Ken Carter stated, “This is what we set out to do from the beginning of the season. I told every one then; God is a Slamball fan and He loves the Rumble.”

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