Catch the Vision – Full Story

The Coach Carter Impact Academy was founded in the small town of Marlin, Texas, by famed Coach Ken Carter.   Carter gained notoriety in 1999, when coaching the Richmond High School Oilers.  He canceled all of his undefeated team’s games because fifteen of his players had unacceptably poor academic performance. Criticized by players, parents and media, this became known as “The Lock Out”.  In a vision to educate, and inspire, Coach Carter founded The Coach Carter Impact Academy.

In the small town nicknamed the Hot Mineral Water City of Texas, that vision is now a reality. Where the population is 6,029, where poverty levels are high, with incomes less than $10,000 a year, Coach Carter’s Impact Academy will open its’ doors in Fall 2013.  Critics have said that it couldn’t be done and it can’t be done.  But with Coach Carter’s “Get It Done” attitude, critics are now saying, “He Got It Done”.

The Impact Academy will house young men between the ages of 12 to 18. Focusing highly on Academic performances, the academies transitional living services will instill, and teach the students how to live and function in today’s society. The School is aimed at helping underachieving young men reach their academic potential, through structured daily activities, smaller classrooms, and through individual support offered by staff, and residential teachers.

Students will adhere to a strict Code of Conduct, reflecting on “Accountability”, in the classroom, as well as on the residential hall.  The residential living offers a wide variety of specialized skills that are in place to teach the students various trades.  The school’s living quarters is equipped with a state of the art kitchen, which will be utilized by the students.  There they will learn how to prepare their own foods, while learning culinary skills as well.  They will learn how to bake cakes, pies and other pastries to be sold to local merchants.  Realizing that good health is important to the well being of young men, students will also sell vegetables, such as lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, corn, cucumbers and many other vegetables, that will be grown in their own gardens. A website will be in place, so that students can set up, and run their own businesses, sponsored by Coach Carter.  They will have full access to the laundry facility, and will be responsible for maintaining, and doing their own laundry on a scheduled basis.

Students will also have the opportunity to work in the schools store.  There they will learn how to give and receive monetary payments, while also learning how to prepare and maintain a budget.  These skills will prepare them for transitioning into society, while also teaching them how to maintain their own earned incomes, through budgeting checkbooks, and maintaining deposit amounts into their own personal accounts.

In the on campus barber shop, students will have the opportunity to become licensed barbers.  They will learn the trade of cutting hair.  This will also prepare them, and teach them daily hygiene, and how important it is to look presentable, whether for a job interview, college interview, or just everyday living.

The school will also be equipped with a state of the art recording studio. Students will have the opportunity to learn the music trade.  The school will have guest DJ’s who will show and tutor the students on song lyrics, and how reading, writing, and music go hand in hand.  Another opportunity, a different avenue of learning. The hands on learning experience will incorporate physical activity, and visual learning techniques that will instill a higher level of success.  This will provide a unique learning environment for students to explore their talents and interest.

Some students will have the pleasure of becoming licensed pilots; aviation training will be in place, and also, when age permits, the opportunity to receive their class C license.

Mock Trials will be in place.  Students will learn how the judicial system works.  They will learn how the juvenile justice system works, by roll playing as judge, juror, prosecutor, defendant and clerk in the courtroom.  They will also have the opportunity to visit a real live courtroom, and witness justice as it prevails.  While most conventional public schools offer an 8am to 3pm curriculum, The Coach Carter Impact Academy’s student will have the opportunity of an around the clock learning experience. Students will not only have friends in the classroom, but may make lifelong friendships.  Students will respect themselves and their fellow classmates as well.  Working and learning as a team will be highly instilled.  They will display good sportsmanship, and respect the health and safety of others.

Students will be allowed the opportunity to interact in the community with volunteer work, clean-up efforts, and assisting in different areas when needed.  Weekend field trips will be scheduled.  Family nights will be filled with movies, group sessions, and weekend furloughs. Parents are encouraged to become a part of their child’s learning experience.  Monthly newsletters will be sent to parents in an effort to inform them of the school’s progress in educating their children.

Group sessions will be offered to assist the students with their transitioning.  They will have the opportunity to voice their grievances among their peers, and will be encouraged to work out their differences.

The residential living quarters offers a homey feel of comfort and security, a home away from home for the students. The walls are adorned with beautiful artwork displayed throughout the building. Beautiful leather sofas and chairs are in place, and offer a sense of home and family living.  Each residential room is equipped for four males.  There they will have the pleasure of enjoying the sleeping arrangements, and the comforts of being in their own bedrooms.  From the beautiful curtains to the plush carpets, these rooms offer a sense of comfort. Students will be responsible for maintaining cleanliness in their own space, by keeping it neat clean, and tidy.  Students will wash their own linens weekly.  Access to the campus grounds will allow for outdoor activities such as football, basketball, and baseball, and a vegetable garden.

Staff will be onboard to assist students with skills and task to make their transition a pleasurable experience. They will learn the importance of being self-sufficient and productive individuals. Staff will provide guidance and support to help meet the needs of each student. Out of necessity, students will be supervised around the clock; they will also learn independence as individuals.

Upon graduation students will have the opportunity to remain in the school’s organization, until the age of 21.  During this time, they will be assisted with applying for colleges, trade schools, and finding suitable employment.  The school has several homes in the area that will serve as independent living quarters for the young men.  These independent living quarters will maintain the same level of respect and guidelines as the residential quarters.  Every young man that remains in the system will become a winner.  It is the mission of the school to produce feature leaders of America.

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  3. Christine Lindayen says:

    I am so glad that someone else is thinking of the same thing to educate and empower our youth. I have been thinking of an idea similar to this and it gives me hope that I can make this happen for the youth in my community. Thank you for your courage, Mr. Carter. I wish you much success! I hope that one day, you can be a guest speaker for the youth in my community when I get my center up and running. I had a conversation with a good friend a few weeks ago about my vision and she asked me if I ever saw the movie, Coach Carter, I have yet to see it but, meanwhile I searched online and found your website and read up on this wonderful program. Again, much success to you and a warm Aloha!!

  4. Rochelle D'Antonio says:

    Coach Carter Sir,

    I fully enjoyed watching the movie “Coach Carter” and believe you did and
    are doing a wonderful thing, both for the students and society even if your good work only effects smalls corners of a specific community.

    I salute your efforts, and the efforts of those who have accepted your challenge.
    Good luck in the upcoming academic year.

    Rochelle D’Antnio

  5. siya says:

    good work coach

  6. Joan Kingwood says:

    What a fabulous idea. I was so inspired by you message to retirees from public education in Georgia, that after six months of ‘retirement’ I am headed back to work .(46 years of education behind me). The need to educate and helpto form valued in our children still exists. So at 70,i amxcited about starting another phase of my life in a small firdt year, Christian private school. Thank youor your encouragement, and even more thank you for your example. Wishing you much success-Joan

  7. Robert says:

    This is a much needed environment for too many of our youths. Too bad only Marlin is benefiting from it. Maybe you can expand in the future.