Catch the Vision

May 29th, 2017

The Coach Carter Impact Academy was founded in the small town of Marlin, Texas, by famed Coach Ken Carter.   Carter gained notoriety in 1999, when coaching the Richmond High School Oilers.  He canceled all of his undefeated team’s games because fifteen of his players had unacceptably poor academic performance. Criticized by players, parents and media, this became known as “The Lock Out”.  In a vision to educate, and inspire, Coach Carter founded The Coach Carter Impact Academy.

In the small town nicknamed the Hot Mineral Water City of Texas, that vision is now a reality. Where the population is 6,029, where poverty levels are high, with incomes less than $10,000 a year, Coach Carter’s Impact Academy will open its’ doors in Fall 2013.  Critics have said that it couldn’t be done and it can’t be done.  But with Coach Carter’s “Get It Done” attitude, critics are now saying, “He Got It Done”.


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