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Yes Ma’am…

August 4th, 2017
Accountability . . . Overcoming adversity . . . Taking charge of your life . . . Learning how to succeed when others expect you to fail. These are the essences of Coach Carter’s basic building blocks for winning in life. From learning about the quality

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of one’s character to the love of learning; along with the importance of self-discipline and spirituality; Coach Carter takes you through his own life experiences and shows you how you, too, can become successful in your everyday life. His fundamental belief is that you must start with respect for others, your community, and your environment before you can attain your own goals, both personally and professionally.

YES MA’AM, NO SIR spells out Coach’s 12 lessons for success. Inspirational, motivational, and informational this is a must read for anyone who truly wants to know how to get ahead.